With Neon Signs it's all about elegance. Our design team has worked closely with our engineering team to produce four fonts that look great whilst performing to our highest standard. Each font is scripted and each letter is joined together for a traditional look. We use 12mm wide standard Neon LED neon to achieve best neon effects.

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Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Neon Signs come delivered to you ready to be plugged in working within minutes. Simply unbox the sign, follow our easy to use display guide and kit to mount or display the sign and plug it in, that's it!


Neon signs have 4 different script fonts professionally selected to ensure your sign looks great and doesn't lose performance. Each font can be made in sizes ranging from 20.3cm (8”) to 38cm (15”) and come in 9 different colors.

Plug & Play

Color Options

9 single colors to choose from:

Cool white, Warm white, Red, Green, Blue, Baby blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange.


letter height ranging from 20cm (8”) to 38cm (15”)

Font Antro

Font Antro

Font Antro

Font Antro

Four Fonts

to choose from

Plug & Play

Font Antro

Plug & Play

Font EV

Plug & Play

Font Fab

Plug & Play

Font Sacramento

Future Proof

Our engineering team has been developing and manufacturing neon and LED lights for over 10 years. This rich experience has resulted in continued innovation to create our signature LED; Neon LED.

This technology powers each of our products to offer their maximum performance for over 50,000 hours whilst being energy and cost efficient throughout the product”s lifespan without compromise.

Technical Specifications


Between 20cm (8”) - 38cm (15”)


Character 2cm (0.8”), perspex backing 0.5cm (0.2”)


Dependant on script design

Neon Width

12mm standard


Neon LED


Average 5W - 10W per character depending on neon size


12V UL listed power adapter


UV Resistant PVC

Viewing Angle

160 degrees


50,000+ hours


Indoor use only*1


5 dynamic modes with adjustable speed*2

*1 For outdoor application LED neon signs please submit your inquiry to our custom neon sign page

*2 Requires RF remote control (optional accessory)

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